Raising awareness on COVID19 prevention in Bugesera district, Rweru IDP modal village sector.


The activity of raising awareness on covid19 prevention is among those we have been implementing after the outbreak of the pandemic aiming at protecting the lives of our right holders regardless of the SRHR project. The first edition was implemented in kamonyi district in the sectors of Ngamba and Bugoba, the second edition in Gasabo district in the sectors of Rusororo and Ndera. The activity aims at providing support to our right holders with covid-19 preventive materials including face masks and sanitary soap.

About the activity.

Bugesera district is among our new scopes of intervention. It is a district found in the Eastern province of Rwanda with 15 sectors and a total population of over 361,914 people including our geographical target Rweru sector

Covid-19 prevention has been an outstanding issue which needs quick response, in this context there are citizens in poor families with low income who can’t afford to even buy a single face mask and hygiene soap for themselves, on our previous trip to Bugesera district, we realized that there was a big number of citizens walking freely without face masks and one of the cause is that they have no support of afford buying a face mask where in some cases one face mask is shared among the whole family. Rweru sector, Batima cell in the village of Mbuga citizens are among these.

General objective of the activity.

The activity aimed at joining hands together with the district to respond to the prevention of covid-19 pandemic hence maintaining the low spread of the coronavirus in Bugesera district by reminding the citizens of Rweru sector the preventive measures put in place to combat the pandemic and also provision of covid-19 preventive materials to them.

Our intervention

Save Generations Organization in partnership with other partners conducted discussions about the measures and guidelines put in place by the Government of Rwanda in response to covid-19 prevention with the citizens of the selected village in Rweru sector and also provide over 1500 face masks and soap to over 300 households which will help them protect themselves from the coronanvirus.

Target group.

The activity targetted 1,777 household members in 300 households in the Rweru IDP Modal village. These households include elder people, youth, women, men and children who totally have no incomes which can afford them buy face masks and soap for themselves putting them in high risk to suffer from covid19.

Geographical scope of the activity.

The activity took place in Bugesera district, Rweru sector, Batima cell, in Mbuga nzeri village and specifically in Rweru IDP Modal village.

Time of the activity

The activity took place on 24th-09-2020 from 9am-12pm.

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