The advocacy meeting on girls go back to school on 13th October 2020/ Kamonyi -15th October 2020 / Gasabo District

The advocacy meeting on girls go back to school on 13th October 2020/ Kamonyi -15th October 2020 / Gasabo District

Umuryango Save Generations Organization wateguye igikorwa  cy’ubuvugizi ku isubira mu ishuri ry’umwana w’umukobwa amashuri natangira, ni igikorwa cyabereye Kamonyi ku 13/10/2020, ndetse na Gasabo 15/10/2020, muri iki gikorwa Save Generations Organization yagiteguye igindeye ku bushakashatsi yakoze muri utu turere twavuzwe haruguru aritwo Kamonyi na gasabo, byagaragaye ko bigendeye ku nzitizi z’umwihariko zagaragaye nk’imwe mu ngaruka ya COVID-19, zishobora kuzabuza umwana w’umukobwa gusubira mu ishuri, zirimo gutwita, kwishyingira, kujya gukora mu ngo, ubukene bukabije mu muryango bwatuma ubushobozi bwo kubona ibikoresho butaboneka ntibishoboke ko abana basubizwa mu mashuri n’ibindi. iki gikorwa cy’ubuvugizi cyitabiriwe ninzego zitandukanye zirimo, inzego za Leta, imiryango itari iya Leta, abikorera, ababyeyi, abarezi mu mashuli, ndetse nabana, hagamijwe kwagura ubu buvugizi mungeri zitandukanye.

Iki gikorwa cy’ubuvugizi kandi kikaba kigamije kumenyekanisha ibyo bibazo biteye impungenge, no gusaba inzego bireba ko zagira icyo zibikoraho kugirango umwana wese (umuhungu n’umukobwa), hakurweho inzitizi zazamubuza gusubira ku ishuri amashuri natangira.


The advocacy meeting on girls go back to school in Kamonyi district on 13th October 2020, Gasabo district on 15th October 2020, 

The meeting was attended by the representatives of of MINEDUC, GMO, NCC, Gasabo District, Ndera and Rusororo Sectors, Parents, Teachers, and adolescents and youth girls and boys, after the research done by Save Generations Organization in above districts, that are Kamonyi District and Gasabo district, it has been found that as a consequence of covid-19, after school reopening, some adolescents and young girls may not return to school due to difficulties that happened to them in a period while they were staying at home home among those difficulties that may hinder them to go back to school, there is teenage pregnancies, early marriages and others, 

In this meeting the responsible authorities explained that there are strategies and measures in place to help girls and boys no matter the problems they may have been encountered in the period of covid-19, they will be facilitated to go back to school and the special cases will be will be dealt with in a special way. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted young people’s formal education due to school closures. Today in Rwanda around 3,626,448 students, among them 1,814,085 girls are out of school due to COVID-19 (NINGO WEGE – Plan International, 2020).

In addition to that, due to COVID 19 crisis, it is expected the school drop out to rise globally, in Africa and even in Rwanda (ECW, 2020).

School closures disrupt children’s learning and pose the risk of higher dropout rates for the most vulnerable, including girls and children from poor households, who are found to be less likely to go back to school.

In Rwanda, though school are closed as response to the prevention of spread of COVID 19, the government has encouraged and facilitated the students to follow the lessons through communication channels(Radio, television and online). Mostly the approach benefits children in urban areas who can access these assets to learn. Especially girls in poorer and more rural homes risk falling behind.  Girls form rural areas, are more challenged to access that education approach due to their limited time, due to their increase of unpaid care and domestic work.

According the Save Generations Organizations’ assessment conducted in March 2020 on impact of COVID 19 to right holders in Gasabo and Kamonyi districts, findings showed that the crisis has affected families socially and economically and there could be the rise in poverty and some families will simply not be able to pay school fees for their children and which may lead to high school drop out rate, and where they can, Parents in more traditionally conservative norms tend to prioritize the education of their sons.

In July 2020, Save Generation Organization rapid assessment to right holders, parents, local leaders from Kamonyi district, assessing the challenges that might hinder students especially girls returning to school after COVID 19, it has been realized from findings that as schools are closed, it has negative impact on adolescents such as losing hope, early and teen pregnancies, unsafe abortion, early marriages, labor markets work such as mining, others think they are old enough to go back to school and the repetition of the year, others are taken to  domestic work and high delinquency of young children.

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