Education Program


Since 2016, Save Generations Organization in partnership with A Bridge for Girls Funds is implementing a project of High School Sponsorship (HSS) for vulnerable girls. This project intends to promote girls’ education and to prevent girls from disadvantaged families drop out, through fully sponsoring their high school education. 10 girls from disadvantaged families were fully sponsored in different high schools from their choice in Rwanda and they perform well. As a result 1 of the girls graduated already in 2018 and now she is a mentor to her peers.

Vocation Training

For livelihoods improvement and economic empoweremnt of school dropout girls and teen mothers. This intends to increase vulnerable girl’s power over resources for their economic empowerment using skills based approach. Since 2015, Save Generations Organization initiated a Vocational Training program for skills development of school dropout girls and teen mothers and equip them with practical and marketable skills for livelihoods improvement and self-reliance. The vocational training provided are in tailoring and arts & handcraft. As a result, more than 125 girls out of school and teen mothers aquired the vocational training in the last 5 years and they use the skills acqured from this program as a tool for their income generation.

Training Project

Training Project with aim of mindset & behaviour change: . Entrepreneurship & Bussiness . Financial education & saving . Career Guidance . Life skills Training


we empower adolescents & youth (girls & boys) on sexual & reproductive health, rights (SRHR).