Save Generations Organization (SGO), is a Rwandan development Non-Government Organization (NGO) dedicated to promote and advocate for children and women’s rights in order to prepare, empower and equip the future generations with a vision to aspire a community that is able to raise up generations of people full of hope, with good values, dreams, ability and actions by creating space and provide opportunities to children, youth and women for their integral development and healthy life hence enable them reach their full potential.

Save Generations Organization in partnership with UAF-Africa is conducting an awareness campaign and advocacy aiming at bridging the gender digital divide between men and women in Rwanda hence contributing to fulfilling the Government of Rwanda Generation Equality commitments.

Context and Background

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has become an essential part of our lives, and a fundamental aspect of our society at different levels, including political, economic, and social.   For the last two decades Rwanda is building a digital economy, using ICT as engine for social – economic development. A policy, legal and institutional framework is in place to oversee the government digitalization plan. This has seen a country wide digital infrastructure laid down and government services increasingly getting automated through different e- government platforms. Harnessing this technology to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment is vital, because without equal access to ICTs, girls and women cannot participate fully in our increasingly digital societies and economies.

The Generation Equality Forum held in Paris from 30th to 2nd July 2021 was a multi-stakeholders initiative and largest gathering on gender equality since the Beijing platform for action in 1995 (UNWOMEN, 2021). The Forum aimed at accelerating progress toward gender equality through implementation of six action coalitions. Rwanda committed to co-lead the action coalition on “Technology and Innovation for gender equality”.It is very vital that we bridge the gender digital divide and address challenges limiting women and girls to benefit and participate in the current and future digital era.

To bridge the gender digital gap will requires a holistic approach to fix the puzzle.  It is in this regard that Save Generations Organization is conducting this awareness and advocacy campaign to bridge the gender digital divide between men/boys & women/girls in Rwanda.

Objectives of the webinar

The aim of the webinar is to engage partners and raise awareness on the importance of bridging the gender digital divide especially:

  • Discuss about the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality Rwanda is co-leading;
  • Advocate for a meaningful participation of women in the current digital economy and society;

Webinar Outcome

  • Challenges and opportunities for women and girls digital inclusion discussed and possible interventions highlighted;
  • The Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality will unpacked;
  • A campaign report developed and shared for advocacy;


Women empowerment and digital inclusion require a multi-sectoral involvement, this webinar will involve Government institutions, Development Partners, Private Sector, Civil Society Organizations and Academia.  

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