Save Generations Organization (SGO) funded by Rwanda Green Fund Fonerwa is implementing a project entitled ‘Empowerment of women and youth for climate change resilience and Environmental protection in Nyagatare District, the objective of the project is to empower women and youth from 5 identified sectors of Nyagatare district on environment protection and climate change resilience through reducing the consumption of biomass, promoting waste management and turn it into an income generating activity for youth and women.

In oder to achieve that objective, the project has constructed 5 cooking stoves plants in 5 target sector and 1 briquette plant in Nyagatare sector. The project targets to produce and distribute 4000 Improved cooking stoves to 4000 Women Headed Household and also 36 tons of briquette to 400 Women Headed Households. all those briquette and Improved cooking stoves will be produced by trained youth cooperative members that mean 150 youth cooperative members to produced Improved cooking stoves and 50 members to produce briquette.

Briquette and Improved cooking stoves distribution will officially begin on 21th April 2022 and complete on 13th May 2022. All targets of production have to be distributed to the selected Women Headed Households from Nyagatare District. However, this could not be done in one day, Distribution was organized into 4 phases which mean target Women Headed Households will receive briquette and cooking stoves into phases to the respective plants. It is in that context that save Generations Organization have prepared official distribution of Improved cooking stoves and briquette in all target sectors namely (Nyagatare, Karangazi, Rwimiyaga, Mimuri and Tabagwe). The first phase (Official distribution) will be 21th April 2022, more than 300 Improved Cooking stoves and 6250 of briquette will be supported to more than 300 WHHs from all target sectors In Nyagatare District.

  1. Objective

The primary objective of distribution of Improved cooking stoves and briquette is to access the produced cooking stoves and briquette for the selected Women Headed Households for enabling the adoption and reduction of CO2 emission in the long run.

Save Generations Organization funded by Rwanda Green Fund(FONERWA) constructed 5 modern cooking stoves in the sectors of Rwimiyaga, Karangazi, mimuri‘Nyagatare & Tabagwe & 1 briquette plant with 2 briquette making machines & 6 rain water harvesting tanks (5000ml) to 5 cooperatives in Nyagatare district.

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