Facilitating 4 school SBCC campaign challenging community negative perceptions on SRHR, through competitions in Bugesera District

Save Generations Organizations supported by Plan International Rwanda is conducting 4 school SBCC campaign with an aim of challenging community negative perceptions on SRHR, through competitions to provide an opportunity to HCC club members in disseminating accurate SRHR information and challenging negative perceptions to their peers through their different talents including Songs, Poems, Theatres, Drawing, Debates and Fashion.

The main Goal of SBCC campaign is to engage trained HCC members to disseminate accurate SRHR information and challenge school negative perceptions on SRHR though  talents.

  • To increase knowledge and raise awareness on accurate SRHR information to 4000 right holders in 4 schools.
  • To create a safe space for adolescents to self-advocate for their SRH rights through talents.
  • To strengthen self confidence and self-esteem for adolescents to share their SRHR knowledge and engage in advocacy to create an enabling environment.
  • To engage adolescents to challenge school negative perceptions and attitudes on SRHR to reduce stigma, stereotypes and misconceptions around SRHR.

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