Save Generations Organization(SGO) is implementing the Empowering adolescents and young people in Rwanda to realize their human right to equality, sexual and reproductive health, and freedom from violence and discrimination. This project directly benefits adolescents and youth (aged 10-19), and the trained and engaged health care providers, teachers, religious and community leaders, as well as selected organizations working on SRHR and CSE.

The government of Rwanda and its partners working on RH are looking at innovations and high impact interventions to support ASRHR with aim to improve the access for adolescent and youth to accurate information and RH services. CSE is already integrated in school curricula since 2016, youth centers and corners are established respectively in community and schools, SRH clubs are initiated for peer education, technology is used to educate youth on RH but on the other hand the increase of teenage pregnancies is still observed in Rwandan Communities.

It is imperative to conduct an assessment of the teenage pregnancy and associated factors in order to orient decision makers and make easy the evidence based planning and programming for ASRHR and specifically prevent unwanted pregnancy among adolescent girls and the related consequences.

The Purpose of the assessment

The main purpose of this activity is to Assess Adolescent and Parental perceptions on Contraceptive Use Among Adolescents; Understanding Knowledge, Attitudes, and Willingness of adolescents, parents, service providers and community leaders; Identify challenges and barriers limiting adolescents to have access to contraceptives in Rwanda.

The objectives of the assessment:

  • To explore Knowledge of adolescents and parents on contraceptive use among adolescents in Rwanda,
  • To assess adolescents, parents and services providers Attitudes toward the use of contraceptive among adolescents
  • To evaluate the level of Willingness of parents and adolescents towards the use of contraceptive by adolescents
  • To identify challenges and barriers limiting adolescents to have access to contraceptives.
  • To elaborate recommendations from adolescents and parents towards the use of contraceptives by adolescents and youth.

Place where services are to be delivered and the reach of assessment:

The assessment will be conducted in 10 districts: Nyarugenge, Gasabo, Bugesera, Kayonza, Musanze, Rulindo, Muhanga, Ruhango, Rutsiro and Karongi.

Scope of work

The Consultancy will entail the following:

  • Work collaboratively with SGO and key stakeholders to develop and submit the Inception Report detailing the design of the assessment including research objectives, questions and criteria; methodology (for both assessment and analysis) and research tools, research activity schedule and budget.
  • Undertake the assessment: The Consultant will coordinate the field work to collect primary qualitative data from selected 9 districts.
  • Present a draft report including analytical synthesis of the collected data.
  • Submit the Draft report for inputs/feedback.
  • Prepare a PPT and present in the validation with findings from the assessment.

Duration of the work

The activities of assessment will take 21 days including 20 days for assessment and reporting, and 1 day for validation meeting, starting from 25th March 2024 to 25th April 2024.

Required expertise, qualifications and competencies, including language requirements:

The requirements for interested individual consultants are the following:

  • Advanced University degree in Public health, Social Work or other related fields.
  • Seven years of increasingly responsible professional experience in research.
  • Experience working on projects relevant to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and youth friendly services delivery.
  • Experience working with relevant stakeholders from the governmental and non-governmental institutions at the national and sub-national levels in Rwanda.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Kinyarwanda. 
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.


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