Core values

Core values

♣ Dignity & Respect: We uphold and preserve the dignity, respect and rights of our beneficiaries including girls, woman and every human in general.

♣ Professionalism and integrity: Our work is done with professionalism and integrity by all our members, volunteers, staff and leadership team.

♣ Transparency and Accountability: We promote transparency and accountability in our engagement with each other as well as with all our partners and donors.

♣ Self-actualization & self-reliance: We uphold every member’s participation and support every youth and woman’s potential and efforts to self actualization and self- reliance.

♣ Partnerships and Collaboration: We believe in working together to see a positive change in people, families and communities.

♣ Honor and excellence: We promote the culture of honor and excellence to the people we work with and to the people and communities we serve.