Terms of reference for an independent consultant to conduct end of project evaluation

Activity: Conduct end project evaluation for the SRHR project implemented for the period 2021- 2022.

Job title: Independent consultant to conduct an end project evaluation
Job duration: 15 working days
Job location: Gasabo and Kamonyi districts

The deadline of submission is: 21st November 2022


Save Generations Organization (SGO), is a Rwandan women led Non Government Organization (NGO) that works to prepare, empower and equip the future generations with a vision of a community that is able to raise up generations full of hope, with good values, dreams, ability and actions. Its mission is to create space and provide opportunities to children, youth and women’s integral development and healthy life, to enable them reach their full potential; and its core values include among others Dignity & Respect, Professionalism and integrity, Transparency and Accountability, Self-actualization & Self – Reliance, Partnerships and Collaboration, Honor and excellence. Save Generations Organization intervenes in the domains of Education, Child protection and wellbeing, Youth and women’ socio economic development, adolescents and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights and family planning, environmental protection and climate resilience. Funded by Kvinna Till Kvinna, since August 2018, Save Generations Organization is implementing a project on “Empowerment of Adolescents and young girls in school on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)” in Gasabo and Kamonyi Districts. In this period of 2021-2022, the project has been implemented in 8 schools located in Gasabo and Kamonyi Districts. In Gasabo, it is GS Ndera, GS Ruhanga, GS Gasogi, and GS Kabuga Catholic. In Kamonyi District, it is in GS Bugoba, GS Kabasare, GS Remera Indangamirwa, and GS Ngamba.

Purpose of the job

The purpose of the evaluation SRHR project “Empowerment of Adolescents and young girls in school on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR): Tuganire ku buzima bw’imyororokere project” is to track and document the impact and effectiveness of the SRHR project implemented for the period of 2 years (2021-2022) funded by Kvinna Till Kvinna.


This end project evaluation aims:

  1. To assess the project relevance, efficiency and effectiveness;
  2. To measure to what extent the SRHR knowledge was increased to adolescents and youth in the project, change in attitude and practices;
  3. The end project evaluation, SGO will be able to document the best practices and lessons learnt from the project, it will also serve to provide recommendations for the SGO future programming.

Scope of work/ Key activities

A consultant is being solicited to conduct the final evaluation in two districts Kamonyi and Gasabo.

The consultant will undertake the following duties and responsibilities:
 Design data collection tools
 Desk review of relevant project documents and reports such as project proposal, project budgets, assessments reports, , activity reports, and monitoring reports;
 Conduct interviews for Key informants selected from SGO staff and other relevant stakeholders
in the respective two district covered by the project
 Conduct Field visits to selected sites; for interviews and/or focus group discussions with right holders duty bearers (parents, teachers)
 Document results and achievements from the project period
 Analyze different interventions of the projects and identify strengths and
challenges for better planning in the future
 Elaborate key recommendations to guide decision makers on how to improve access to SRHR information and services in Rwanda
 Make written report and submit for validation and finalize it based on the
 Complete the work within the agreed timeline and submit the final translation in both soft and hard copy

Deliverables and Timelines

The consultant will provide progressively the following deliverables:
 Submit inception report to Save Generations Organization a week before the assignment
 Present the questionnaires /tools elaborated to be used for the data collection a week before
 Present the draft report showing Introduction, Methodology used, Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion a week after the completion of the field work,
 Integrate inputs from SGO technical team

 The Expert Consultant will finally provide a final report to SGO management team, Softy and Hard Copies 4 days after the receiving the inputs from the SGO team

Required qualification and experiences

The candidate for this assignment should have;
 A Master’s degree in health or education or social sciences or related field;
 Proven experience of at least 3 years in conducting research both qualitative and quantitative; and evaluation of projects;
 Proven experience in Reproductive maternal and child health programme especially familiar with Sexual and Reproductive Health programme;
 Experience in working with civil society organizations
 Ability to write and speak fluently English and Kinyarwanda

Duration of the Assignment: 15 working days

Start Date: 24th November 2022 End Date: 14th December 2022

Institutional Arrangement

Save Generations Organization will contract one independent consultant who will work to undertake the assignment as described in this ToR. Consultant will be responsible for the submission of the deliverables
as requested. Save Generations Organization commit to review the documents and approve them on time.

Application Procedure

The interested candidates should submit their applications including a letter of expression of interest addressed to the Executive Director of Save Generations Organization, together with the Curriculum Vitae (CV), Technical and Financial proposals from individuals on email: sgoprocurement@gmail.com and copy savegenerationsorganization@gmail.com or submit hard copies to Save Generations Organization Office located in Kimironko, Gasabo district KG 4 Street, BK Building, 2nd Floor.

The submission of required documents will be done not later than 21st November 2022. Done in Kigali, on 11th November 2022





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