Rwanda Young Women’s SRHR Network quarterly meeting

Rwanda Young women SRHR network is a collective of 17 young women led non-governmental organizations and social enterprises working for women’s right promotion and intervening in the domain of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) established in 2022. This women’s movement for SRHR activism has a mission to have a society where Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of all women and girls in all their diversities are respected. RYW SRHR network is playing a role in advancing effective SRHR policies and laws implementation and together amplify their voices on women’s concerning SRHR issues. However, this network is serving as a platform for women rights defenders to come together to leverage their strength by sharing information, sharing opportunities building capacities to effectively engage in advocating for response and prevention of such SRHR issues. Through joining efforts and raising their voice on issues faced by girls and young women related to their SRHR issues and consequences such as: GBV, teenage pregnancies, and other related issues such as limited access to SRHR information and services especially to adolescents RYW SRHR network is engaging in strengthening the advocacy and activism to respond to different SRHR issues women still face to ensure effective, available, affordable and accessible SRHR services for improved women’s health wellness.

to accomplish that RYW SRHR network members meet on a quarterly basis to stay updated on the latest progress and achievements, initiatives, and challenges within the field. Regular check in meetings also provides members with an opportunity for joint planning and strategizing, enabling the network to effectively advocate for women’s rights and SRHR issues. Moreover, fosters a sense of community and strengthening solidarity among the members. Overall regular quarterly meeting plays a crucial role in sustaining the network’s momentum, facilitating meaningful collaborations, and driving positive change in the domain of SRHR. 


  • Sharing and Reflection on network’s progress and achievements from Jan 2023-May 2023
  • Share updates on new project planned activities and calendar 2023-2024
  • Discuss on exchange visits to regional networks (east Africa and south Africa)  

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