From 30th November 2022: SRHR Inter School Competitions in Gasabo and Kamonyi districts.

Since 2018, Save Generations Organization has been implementing a project on “Empowerment of adolescents and young girls in school on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights” in Gasabo and Kamonyi District. The project aiming at increase knowledge and information on SRHR to adolescents and youth in school in order to enable them make informed and responsible choices and decisions over their bodies as well as to exercise their SRH rights.

Save Generations Organization  works with schools teachers and school administrative team and parents representatives at GS Bugoba, GS Kabasare, GS Remera Indangamirwa,GS Ngamba in Kamonyi district and GS Kabuga, GS Gasogi, GS Ruhanga and GS Ndera in Gasabo districts.

During the recent years, the adolescents were equipped with accurate SRHR information to help them to take informed and responsible decisions over their bodies. Debate Club for change builds self-confidence, critical thinking and provided safe spaces for adolescent girls and boys to discuss and share about their SRHR.

Inter school competition aims to increase the knowledge and information on sexual and reproductive health and Rights SRHR to adolescent and young girls in school in Kamonyi and Gasabo Districts and there will be increased adolescents and girls’ power to claim their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Main objective of the activity:

Dissemination of SRHR information using peer to peer learning through talent shows for adolescent’s self-advocacy and claiming of their SRH rights.

Theme of the competitions

“Voicing my SRHR needs, realities and opinions is my rights and responsibilities”.

Specific Objectives:

  • Increase knowledge and raise awareness on SRHR among right holders and other non-project participants.
  • Create a safe space for adolescents to self-advocate for their SRH rights through talents.
  • Strengthen self confidence and self-esteem for adolescents to share their SRHR knowledge
  •  Reduce stigma, stereotypes, and misconceptions around SRHR
  • Enhance positive attitude between boys and girls towards SRHR discussion

The participants on this activity are all Debate Club for Change (DCC)members from GS Bugoba, GS Ngamba, Gs Kabasare, Gs Remera Indangamirwa from kamonyi district and GS Kabuga, GS Ndera, Gs Gasogi, Gs Ruhanga from Gasabo district. Teachers from above schools. DCC peer educators. DCC focal point at schools. Judges and staff of Save Generations Organization

Date of activity: from 30th November 2022 to December

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